Hugo static site with dynamic content on frontend

I’ve been using hugo for a while and I’m starting a new project for a frontend to my business.

Basically the website will have a listing (and pages) of live stream and on-demand video content in a specific niche.

My original thoughts were that Hugo wasn’t a good fit for what I’m trying to do but I had a thought the other day and I’m curious anyone’s thoughts here.

So what I’m thinking is hugo would host the static portions of the site. This would be homepage, event pages, etc.

At some point a user needs to login to purchase our stream and then load a stream player. I’m in the process of building an API anyway to support an app we’re in the process of developing. I was thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to layer javascript on top of a hugo site to load additional resource for logged in users.

So for example, a user logs in and javascript alters the menu to show logout button, account functions, etc. Additionally, once a user logs in they’ll see a different button on the event page to watch (weather they have purchased, they’d see a watch now (and be linked to a video player), or purchase now to purchase.

Not sure if any of this is possible but I’d be curious to hear anyone’s thoughts.


You can’t log users into a static site. User managment is generally a pita, so I wouldn’t be trying to recreate the wheel there and implement a user management mechanism to layer on top. This would be one case where I’d be reaching straight for a CMS that will provide all that OOTB.

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Yea, I kind of figured. I was more or less thinking, every page on the site is static except maybe 2, which kind of puts me in that weird place.

So I guess it’s off to the drawing board again.


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