Help, I've created my hugo website, how do I deploy it to my website?

Hi I finally created my Hugo website and it looks good. Now I want to put it on my website, hosted on dreamhost. I looked at the deployment guide but it only has instructions for uploading it to and I’m not finding an guide for deploying it to a hosted website. Any tips would be greatly appreciated thanks

EDIT: by the way I tried just FTP transfer my files to my server but when I go to my website all I see is a list of the files, see image:

Welcome to the forums @superliminal

It looks like you’ve uploaded your project files to your server. Instead you need to upload your generated site. In other words:

  1. Run hugo to generate your site
  2. Upload everything under the public folder

Brilliant, that worked and was super easy. Thanks!


The quintessential FAQ.:+1: