Simple deployment

Hi guys!

I’m trying to deploy my website but I encounter a lot of diffuclty. I try commands to generate my website and upload the public content with a ftp (i cant make github working…) but my content vanish and i just have in my html a balise pre with 404 not found content, nothing else not even css (this might be a link problem ?)

I try to use a command like “hugo server --appendPort=false” but didn’t work.

Any advice will help i’m a little lost in all this… :slight_smile: thanks in advance!

Are you able to view your site locally, via localhost?

No I just have “404 not found”, i think this happens when i modify the baseUrl in config.toml but I’m not sure

What’s physically in the /public folder?

I have my baseurl parameter set to what is needed in the final hosting location. The hugo server runs it by default in localhost:1313 even though I have baseurl set to FYI.

I am running hugo server like this:

hugo server --buildDrafts --watch --verbose --editor="atom" --source="/Users/rcogley/dev/mysite" --config="/Users/rcogley/dev/mysite/config_en.toml" --port=1377

Also, you can do a hugo config to get the settings from your setup, to share here.

In my public folder there are all the documents i see css, posts, js, pictures,…
I make a hugo config and this is what i got:

archetypedir = "archetypes"
baseurl = "http://"
blackfriday = &{AngledQuotes:false Fractions:true PlainIdAnchors:false Extension
builddrafts = false
buildfuture = false
cachedir = "C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\Temp\hugo_cache"
canonifyurls = false
contentdir = "content"
datadir = "data"
defaultextension = "html"
defaultlayout = "post"
disablelivereload = false
disablerss = false
disablesitemap = false
footnoteanchorprefix = ""
footnotereturnlinkcontents = ""
ignorecache = false
languagecode = "en-us"
layoutdir = "layouts"
metadataformat = "toml"
newcontenteditor = ""
paginate = 10
paginatepath = "page"
params = map[mainIcon:/esca.png description:azeaze.]
permalinks = map[]
pluralizelisttitles = true
publishdir = "public"
pygmentsstyle = "monokai"
pygmentsuseclasses = false
sitemap = {ChangeFreq: Priority:-1}
staticdir = "static"
taxonomies = map[category:categories tag:tags]
title = "Escale à Montfarville"
uglyurls = false
verbose = false
watch = false
workingdir = “C:\wamp\www\escalamonfar”

well, first, the baseurl is odd. It has two http://.

damn it was that simple, it reworks now thanks a lot!!!
I just have now a little problem, i use anchors to links contents on my page, on the local site i have the slide effect who bring you to content nicely but on my online version there are no animation. Could it be a problem with the js import ?

Check the browser JavaScript console

Well nevermind it works perfectly, dont know exactly what i do… but it works!
Sorry for the disturbance and thanks again for your time!!

No problem :slight_smile: