Is there way to deploying using FTP?

Hi. I used HUGO couple years ago not using github as deploy I used FFFTP software and It works great.
Now I started to use HUGO again and make some demo page and run it to my localhost. It works great. so then I tryed to upload it to my server but It only shows text only no image no theme… I read documentation and I have a quesiton Is there way to just upload file not using bitbucket or github? I know it must be using these tool would be easy and handy but for me its still difficult to use them so I just would like to use old fassion way. Could somebody teach me soloution please ? Thank you.

Yes, the same way you’d upload anything else via FTP.

  1. Maybe you know this already but you shouldn’t be using FTP, it’s insecure. Use SFTP instead.
  2. Hugo by default generates all of the website files to the public directory. The files in this directory is what you want to SFTP up to a web server.
  3. If you see CSS styles and images when you run Hugo locally but not from your actual website, I’d look into how you have URLs configured. Something is broken with either how you set baseURL or how you include CSS and images in your theme.
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Hi. Dear Thank you very much for answering me.
Sorry my bad. I mean SFTP. I use it.
I have two question. I opened “config.toml” file and changed my base url and saved. After that I upload all files inside of “PUBLIC” folder. but its still same . I looked my top page of code it still . I have to switch the url don’t I ? Could you teach me how to switch the url to my webiste url please?

You re-ran hugo after changing your config file?

We’d need to see the source of your website, preferably on something like GitHub or GitLab, and the URL for your website so that we can help you.


Hi. Mr. Thank you so much! It worked!!! Yes I forgot to do hugo command. I’m so glad you help me alot! You made my day. Thank you.

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@yoo_inn Check out forestry. You can automate things with it

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Hi. Thank you for infomation! forestry sounds awesome! I will try to use it:blush:

You are most welcome! Have fun :slight_smile:

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