Help - How to create a "Post Type"?

Hello everyone! Long time lucker here and first time posting.
So far, I’m pretty happy with Hugo, I have migrate my blog from Wordpress to Hugo and I’m loving it.
I need some help about how to create what I call a “Post Type”.
I Wordpress I was able to create a single post with a link or a quote. This post should appear in the blog as the others, but showing only the post content.

Like this picture:

I’m using a modified version of the theme hello-friend.

Can someone give me a hint of some idea about how can I accomplish this?



I think you mean “post format” (if not, excuse me). It’s actually the same way they do it in WordPress: you render a particular template based on metadata (front matter).

If you exported your blog with one of the various tools that generate front matter in markdown files, it probably lists your post format as a front matter value. You could try keying off that when you build your Hugo theme (conditionally check for that value, then apply the template).

You can use to load different templates on list pages, based on the post format.

In case you are talking about “post types” in the WordPress sense, then it also works out of the box: you structure your content how you like, and use front matter to distinguish it. But I’m pretty sure you meant “post formats”. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
To be honest, I don’t know the difference between the two =)
I will take a look at the link you send and try to mess with my theme and see if it works!
I let you guys know if it works.