The one about the confusion about content types (or templates?)

I put this one in META because I think it’s not (yet) a (full) support request. (yet.)

I started with Hugo about a week ago, grabbing my 2000 wordpress blog entries into a nice quick fast loading hugo site. ( - don’t judge, yet).

reading through the documentation and many samples on this forum i ended up with plenty of templates. the build time was about 15 seconds. I thought “not bad for 2000 entries”). there were list, section, taxonomies, single templates, templates per section, templates for posts and so on.

today i deleted all templates and kept just the single, list and baseof template in the _defaults and all my partials.

build time 600ms. woah.

so, my new attempt is: find the best path of template files through all the content of my blog.

what is missing in the documentation is some kind of “dummy” guide about the minimum needs of website “types”.

for instance:

  • it’s a blog
  • it needs a single post template
  • it needs a list template for (all tags|all categories|all dates|the archive)
  • it needs a page template for pages like contact, tos, aso.

i read all the lists of how Hugo traverses through templates to find the right one, but that one is very confusing.

for instance:

  • i have posts
  • my navigation has the links home and archive
  • the archive is basically a posts list page (? right)
  • what would be the correct setup in the templates for the archive?

So. Having babbled all through this topic, what I am trying to say is probably: we need some kind of dummy guide that does introduce the “normal” items a weblog has, not telling noobies about all the special content types, templates and sections they can use to appease all their needs. just the basic needs of a blog.

just saying… this is probably already out there :slight_smile: