Great Theme But Missing Certain Pages

I’ve found a great theme (GitHub - nanxiaobei/hugo-paper: 🪴 A simple, clean, flexible Hugo theme) but, I have two problems that seem, somewhat systemic despite being defined in the config.

First, there are no category or tag main pages (like /tags and /categories). Source on GitHub

I don’t know why those pages aren’t being created by default and I’ve never had this problem before.

Second: every page on the site (to the extent possible) has a description. But, for whatever reason, the description is pulled from elsewhere (either the site’s description or a summary). This is a minor annoyance but, I sure would like to understand what is breaking here as well. I cannot get Hugo to pull the description out of the frontmatter then fall back to the site’s description.

Any and all help is appreciated!

You did the right thing opening issues at the themes repository. There are no “rules” as to what structures are created so many themes do things one of several possible ways.

I can’t see any list.html in the repository, so you might see output when running hugo that tells you it’s unable to create taxonomy pages.

You can always run hugo with excessive verbosity and read through the log:

hugo server \
    --gc \
    --disableFastRender \
    --i18n-warnings \
    --templateMetrics \
    --templateMetricsHints \
    --path-warnings \
    --buildFuture \
    --enableGitInfo \
    --log true --logFile hugo.log \
    --verbose \

Oh thank you very much for this. It’s how I’ll build my local repos from hence forth. Oddly, there IS a list.html but, it’s only working on the individual tag and category level.