_default/term.html page not working

Hello! I currently have this structure in layouts/_default/

  • baseof.html
  • list.html
  • single.html
  • taxonomy.html
  • term.html


The taxonomy page works when I visit /tags or /categories. However, I get an error when I visit /tags/tag or /categories/category where “tag” and “category” exist in content front matter.

Where am I going wrong?


  • MacOS
  • hugo v0.111.3+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=unknown

If I remember correctly, Hugo server will respond 404 if the corresponding template is empty.

The contents of my term.html

{{ define "main" }}

<h1>SINGLE TERM</h1>

{{ end }}

This issue is fixed, along with a few other bugs which were caused by user error. The error was /content/index.md/content/_index.md. :smile: Thanks!