Is there something built in for a base taxonomy page?

I’m currently using tags and categories in my content, and they create taxonomy-based pages, such as /tags/python or /categories/howto and so on, but trying to reach /tags/ or /categories/ just shows me an empty page. Viewing source shows me nothing but an empty ‘pre’ tag.

I’ve seen other posts saying that their /tags/index.html has content, but mine does not, so I’m curious what I’m missing in my theme to generate these taxonomy base index.html files where I could use the default list.html or some such.


This confused me too until recently.

What you need is a terms template, see:

In the next Hugo 0.18 we will not create those empty pages on missing templates (which may or not be less confusing).

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Super, thanks. Got it working.

I seem to be having this same issue. I’ve played with some of the templates but can’t seem to figure out the right one to use.

I’m likely overlooking something simple.

@iandouglas, can you elaborate on exactly what change you made?

Assuming you have tags and categories, do you have:


Success! Thank you.