Commenting system suggestions

Which commenting system is everyone using or recommends other than Disqus? I am looking for ideas

I use Isso as a commenting system myself.

There are SO. MANY. threads in here about comment systems. a good search will light your path.

For example:

IndieWeb’s WebMention, while not exactly a “comment system”, is a good option (it’s more than a ‘comment system’).

I’m working on moving my blogs to IndieWeb and disable Disqus. I just haven’t finished setting it up and working on some issues.

You can learn more about it here:

Here’s how to use it for Hugo-powered sites: Hugo - IndieWeb Also listed are Hugo-powered sites which implemented IndieWeb. (There is also a separate list here: Webmention - IndieWeb )


  1. Example #1 - scroll to the comment section, just above the Disqus part you’ll see the IndieWeb webmentions.
  2. Example #2 - before the Disqus section, you’ll see “Reactions” (part of IndieWeb).

Basically, comments. re-share, and “likes” from Twitter and Mastodon, shows up on my blog articles. This way, you can keep the conversation going wherever your links are shared and still have them show up in your respective articles.

Or, if you prefer, you can use a regular commenting system while also pulling in interactions from elsewhere through IndieWeb’s WebMention. (Like in the examples above, I still have Disqus enabled.)

All these look promising. I decided to try the suggestion by @techmagus .

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