Error building site: unmarshal of format "" is not supported

Error: Error building site: "/Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/dev/Hugo/": unmarshal of format "" is not supported

Created a completely new Hugo site, added a blank template with index.html.
When I run "Hugo" to build the site I get the error above.

Since I have a different Hugo site that allows a build, I don’t think it’s caused by the path of my Google Drive. Running Mac OS here.

Help much appreciated, thanks.

Try to restore index.html as utf-8
Compare it with your Working version.

It seems it’s related to the fact that I use Google Drive on my Mac and store it on that location. The initial build doesn’t build either, it just takes longer to throw the same error.



Total in 20387 ms

Error: Error building site: “/Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/dev/Hugo/hkr:1:1” : unmarshal of format “” is not supported

For anyone hitting the same issue as me, I found an answer:

It’s the Icon? file from a Mac that actually stops Hugo from building the site.
Read this:

I removed all Icon? files and it works.


I still have this issue on MacOS. Deleting all Icon? files as described above did not help. Any ideas?