Does a section page take precedence over a taxonomies page?

If I name a custom taxonomy as ‘ideas’ and also create a section as ‘ideas’, in this conflicting situation, what will the url ‘’ finally display ?

Run hugo with the --printPathWarnings flag. Due to concurrency, I don’t think you can predict which page will win.

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Thanks for the suggestion Joe, the taxonomies page won upon my testing, but what could be be the factor behind this ?
Also is it possible that the way my repository specifically is structured right now, has caused it to win, and it might be lead to a different result if somebody else tries the same with a different structure ?
or is it safe to believe that taxonomies page will universally win over the section page ?

@bep I would like to know your thoughts upon this as well.

If hugo --printPathWarnings shows duplicate paths, your site structure or configuration is broken.

If you have a taxonomy named ideas, the taxonomy and term pages will be rendered to public/ideas/.

If you create a top level section in your content directory named ideas, the content will be rendered to public/ideas/.

The solution is… don’t do that.

If you have a taxonomy named ideas, the only reason to create an ideas section under content is to override the taxonomy or term titles for display, or to add metadata about the taxonomy or terms.

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my 2cents added

if you need a different layout, set up templates in layouts/ideas/

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