Hugo 101: only display pages with a specific taxonomy term and that are from a specific folder

I am trying to display pages with a taxonomy priority: 3 and from the directory link. What am I doing wrong?

{{range .Pages}}
    {{if in .Params.priorities "3"}}
        {{if in .Pages.Section "link"}}
            {{partial "listLink" .}}
            {{partial "listDefault" .}}

This is a very complex filtering question.

You need to provide a minimal repo that illustrates your project’s structure. For example what is the link directory? Is it a Section? Is it a Page Bundle?
You also need to write where you’re trying to render these pages. Is it on the homepage? Is it a section?

Once you answer the above then maybe either me or someone else in the Forum can help you.


before I answer @alexandros I realized I need to ask one more foundamental question:

Homepage has access to all pages of the site. Is it possible to create another page that can also access all pages of the site?

For example. I am trying to make index.html to display all pages of my website (the website has many folders). And I also want to create /top-picks.html page that will display all pages of the site with frontmatter „selected”. How one can access all pages of the site outside of homepage?

By using

{{ site.Pages }}
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and what is the most reasonable way to create a list page like /top-picks.html.

Should I create an empty folder with Is there any other way to do it?

Yep. Specifically here’s how I’d do it.

Create the section, a list file, and give it the front matter type: top-picks


Then create a list template just for that section

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thanks, makes sense!