Any disadvantage to having the path of sections and taxonomies the same?


I’ve been testing this but I can’t find any difference, probably I haven’t reached that point yet. Is there a disadvantage into having the same path for both sections and taxonomies?

For example:

  • My section/folders are: /lorem/ipsum/
  • My custom taxonomy is: /lorem/ipsum/

Any advantages to this? More specifically, any disadvantages on it and why I should not mix the two?

Thank you.

I personally would strongly discourage this.

It will probably become evident once you have more content available and more complex layouts. Given content/lorem/dolor/, is this a taxonomy or content subsection? Should it use list.html or taxonomy.html layout?

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Ahh! Yes, yes. I see it now. Yep, I’d like to avoid that future headache.

I just found out about the --path-warnings flag and it’s showing index.html conflicts too, it must be the list and taxonomy layouts overwriting each other.

Thank you very much! As always very informative and helpful. Much appreciated!

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