The Slack Team

I see one was set up ( ) is it still active - if so can I have an invite?

alan at fullworks dot net

The Slack channel isn’t actively used anymore. There were discussions about the pros and cons of Slack, IRC and and forums like this one.

The general consensus was that the forum is used for questions from the community and Gitter (as replacement for Slack) for developer questions.

From what I’ve read it was much easier to just join Gitter as a user instead of inviting each user manually to the Slack channel.

Gitter, a new one to me. But thanks, I see it is a developer only channel - which makes sense, although I guess you’d be batting off lots of ‘how do I’ questions.

It is possible to create an ‘open’ slack team (I wrote WordPress (ugh) plugin that does just that, allowing self invitingness ).

I’m not sure I’m up to standard yet to contribute as a developer - having only discovered Golang about 4 months ago.

Sometimes. Many questions are duplicates and it’s easier to guide users to a forum thread that already answers the questions. Hence the forum is the preferred way for us to answer such questions.

I never used Slack actively and I joined the community around mid 2015. At this point Slack wasn’t used anymore as far as I remember.

“self invitingness” might work. The main problem in my eyes is that we are a rather small team and aren’t able to be online 24/7 in order to have a live conversation (which might be helpful in some situations :slightly_smiling: )

But I would rather pass this questions to others.

Thanks for the response so far.

The Hugo channel on seems to be more or less alive

The only Hugo Slack channel I’ve ever been in is here: As digitalcraftsman said, the core Hugo team doesn’t use it, and even if we did, we’re too busy and few in number to do synchronous support. That’s why we point people to the forums.

Since the Hugo team doesn’t actively use Slack, we’re not likely to link to it (which will likely keep the Slack channel from being viable).

How do I get an invite to the slack channel? Is it still active?