Deploying Hugo website with firebase

I am new to hugo and so far am loving it i have designed site but my problems is the deploy, cause i want to deploy to google firebase,when i tried the command hugo && firebase deploy i get this message (‘firebase’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch ")file.)please what do you think i could be doing wrong?

The command “firebase” would have to exist and be in your path, but it’s not connected to hugo. The && means if hugo succeeds, then execute the separate command firebase.

Thank you very much but i created the path to both firebase and Hugo

Ok, but that “not recognized as an internal or external command” error usually means the CLI cannot find it.

yeah i think so, but what do u think am doing wrong?

  1. on what system are you (windows, ubuntu, anything else)?
  2. are you saying that firebase init did run without error and only hugo && firebase deploy throws the error?
  3. what happens when you run hugo and after that firebase deploy?

I am use windows OS and the firebase works perfectly well(i mean when i do firebase init and other oprations the same with hugo, its only when i want to deploy with both firebase and hugo (firebase && hugo)that is when i get the error

you don’t need to run both commands together. hugo is creating your website in the folder public. firebase deploy is putting the site into firebase. try to find the path to your firebase executable (sorry, not sure where, in linux it’s somewhere below ~/.npm/bin) and run it with full path C:/some/folder/firebase deploy. If the same error comes up - which is weird - send the full output of the command.

Okay will give a try and let you know the out come