Basic doubts to link with firebase

Hello, good afternoon, I’m a librarian, and I’m making a system for the library, using firebase, go and hugo, I have great seas of doubts, I hope you can help me with some.
The first question is, is there a way to connect hugo with firebase, since I have not seen any examples?

Do you know if, in firebase, it allows me to store my application made in go or does it have to be simply done with node?

Hugo has no connection to firebase.

There’s an official guide on hosting Hugo on firebase here.

That’s all the ‘connecting’ there is; it’s not possible to have the Hugo app connect (meaning, interface) with firebase itself. But you can upload what Hugo generates and host it on firebase.

I’m not a firebase user, but a simple quick look at this documentation page lists Node, Java, Python, and Go as languages that Firebase supports.

If that support is sufficient for the Go features you developed is of course a second question. That’s something to verify with Firebase. This is the Hugo forum. :slight_smile: