Hugo LTS hosting

I’m hosting my Hugo blog on Firebase because it’s free and it’s fast. I first got into Hugo from the thought that a pure html site is the way to go. My previous 10 years have been Wordpress. My previous 10 were pure html, sans Hugo, of course :slight_smile:

But I’m a dabbler, and do this over the week-ends and scattered here and there. And I do not have the knowledge base a hard core developer would. Herein lies the problem, eg. Firebase gets new releases and I need to NPM this and NPM that all the time.

Among the gurus in Hugo out there, do you know of a LTS way of hosting Hugo eg. on Firebase or other free platform? Some combination of command line options that would amount to not needing to do a reset every time you update a page on the blog?

You can host your Hugo blog on GitLab. It is free and works fine.

The simplest way to host a Hugo Project with continuous deployment, is Netlify. The free plan is quite generous.

Gohugoio (the Hugo website) is hosted on Netlify.

If your project does not fit in the free plan of Netlify then I would suggest that you look into Cloud providers like AWS, Azure etc.

Hugo comes with a deploy command to cloud providers.


Thanks for the deploy command tip, I had not realized this had become part of Hugo.

Thanks for this tip. I’ll look into it.

I decided to choose you as solution since I can see a lot of help from using Netlify. Have been toying around and it certainly fits the bill for me. Thanks.