CI / Build & Deployment

I am a newer user to Hugo and just love it!

I am using GitHub for my repo and hosting on Firebase. I am researching auto- build and deployments. I have read a lot of articles on this and just trying to put a solution in place that will allow me to have the following workflow.

  1. Create content on new branch in GitHub
  2. Create Pull Request to merge into master (approval in Github)
  3. Trigger a build of Hugo (possibly test cases to run)
  4. Trigger Firebase Deploy

I have been looking at the various CI services available and also digging into Oracle Cloud Build and Oracle Deployment Manager.

Any help would be great appreciated, I am trying to find a good straight forward document that explains using Docker for building and then kicking of the deployment to Firebase.


For this, this previous thread may be helpful: Hugo + bitbucket + firebase

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You may want to be more specific defining your requirements. This will help you determine whether a proposed solution is actually saving time, work and reducing risk.

As an example, you did not mention whether you are looking for a solution for yourself only, or whether this would ever be multiuser.

Do you totally trust gitHub or does the solution need to replicate to other repositories?

Are you needing to use the latest technology available, or are you looking for more of a tried and true solution? Is the requirement to get exposure to new frameworks and techniques? Or solve the problem as simply and cleanly as possible?

Otherwise, there are plenty of articles to read and experiments you can try and see if it pans out. :slight_smile: