Custom text for different tags pages

Dear hugoers, happy Easter!

I am working on my hugo website today after long time and I am a bit rusty.

What I am trying to achieve is to show a custom text/content according to the different tags/ page shown.

So far I’ve tried to create a or into /content/tags/custom_tag but without success.

Would you mind kindly helping me reminding me how I may get the result, please?

Thank you! and mean very different things. Look up Page Bundles (branch and leaf bundles) and the meaning of these files.

You need here (branch bundle).

It will be helpful if you can share a minimal repo showing your attempt that didn’t work.

What would you write into the into /content/tags/my-custom-tag/ ?

And how would you refer to the content into the HTML template?
With {{ .Content }}?

EDIT: I solved the problem.

I set a into my content/tags/my-custom-tag directory:

url : "tags/my-custom-tag"
My custom content

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