Custom Html inside the INDEX

what is the best way to add custom HTML in index page ?

What’s the “index page” you are talking about? The way to add text is to add content to files at that location and have the .content parsed in your list template.

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i want to add the image and social media icon directly into the index file !, so how I can do that?
where to copy index?
where to past that index file?

I wants to modify themes/layouts/index.html file so after copy that file where i need to paste that file ? Exect location

You put a copy of the file in layouts/index.html. There you can modify is as you like.

That goes for any theme file, put it in a corrosponding dir in the root pf your project.

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thank you so much its help me a lot finally I made my first website using Hugo :
again thank you so much everyone to help me out

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