Hugo - How can i edit the layout,text ... of the tag page?

Hi guys, i’m just started to use hugo 2-3 days and currently learning to translate my website. Now i’m facing this task. I just want to change "Tags " on this picture( the yellow area)

to "Thẻ " . Can anyone help me?
Sorry. I totally forgot. The theme i’m using : Beautifulhugo | Hugo Themes

You can add custom meta data to taxonomy list pages by using an in the replicated folder PATH of the taxonomy under your project’s contentDir.

For example for /tags/ you would need to add the under:

└── content
    └── tags

so im following you guide but i still get confused. I just don’t know what should i create on tags/ Sorry T_T

You need to enter front matter to override the given title to what you need i.e.

title = "Thẻ"

thanks. Is working … :D. I can’t believe it simple so much.

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