Creating custom indexes?

I’d like to be able to write stuff like this in arbitrary pages, so that I can automate cross linking:

## Dinner

 {{ range where .Data.Pages.ByTitle "Params.tags" "intersect" (slice "dinner") }}
   {{ .Permalink }}
 {{ end }}

This doesn’t work though; is there something I can do to enable it in non-indexes?


I want something that is arbitrarily different for each page; is that not possible?

Have you read the links I posted above?

I looked at them but I think maybe I didn’t include enough description in my original message. My intention is to make a single page that contains multiple sections with links to other pages. Imagine a master list of recipes, with a breakfast section, a lunch section, and a dinner section. The first would be articles tagged breakfast ( and maybe also tagged recipe, but I would leave that out if only to avoid the hassle of the query.) The next would be a list of articles tagged lunch, etc.

I don’t think, with Related Content, I can be this fine grained; Can I have a single page that has arbitrarily many related content sections with Related Content?