Render a custom html file next to index.html

I want to render an HTML page that will not be used by any content like index.html. My folder structure looks like this:

    - partials/
      - footer.html

Now, search.html should available under just like the index.html

I think you can either

  1. Put it in /content/search.html
  2. Put a content file in /content/ (set at type that gets filtered in other templates)

If you use uglyurls, the second option would probably work better if you put the content file in /content/search/

This might work but the disadvantage is that the user needs to copy this files manually into the content folder. But this should be the case. Instead it should be part of the theme itself.

In general, it would be nice if it would be possible withount the need of a workaround.

Then put it into the Theme’s static folder.

Good idea but this doesn’t render the html templates which also includes partials like a header, sidebar and the footer.