Customizing blog/index.html?

I have a blog page set up in config.toml with what I believe is the typical Hugo way to do it:

name = “Blog”
url = “/blog/”
identifier = “fa fa-newspaper-o”
weight = 3

I would like to add something to the header of the main blog page that ends up on blog/index.html and doesn’t go on any other page. I assume that I would copy something from my theme directory (hugo-future-imperfect) to my layouts subdirectory, but I can’t figure out which file. Can someone tell me?

make a copy of your list.html template, put it with a new name unter layout/blog


you have now layout/blog/toplist.html

in your file content/blog/ set this in frontmatter

layout = "toplist"

Thanks! That didn’t work at first but it did after I renamed as


It’s not the question, but I just wanted to point out that you probably want to use pre = ... here instead of identifier. See here for what menu entry variables are and here for an example.

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