Content and layouts

Hugo directory lookup drives me crazy…
I have a simple one-page Hugo based site consist from the single index file (at /content/ and the single layout file at /layouts/index.html.
It works great and the page rendered at the root of the site.

But for some reasons I just need to move this page under site section (/docs) and can’t do this for many hours…

The current layout:

/content/ →
/layouts/index.html the single file with the following content:

{{ define "main" }}
{{ .Content }}
// A lot of HTML generated from /data directory
{{ end }}

The desired layout:

/content/docs → What to put to this directory to be rendered at index.html?
/layouts/ ? where to put the single HTML layout page that forms page?

└── docs/
└── _default/
    ├── baseof.html
    └── list.html

Or you could serve your site from the docs subdirectory by changing the baseURL in site configuration.