Not rendering content/about/

Where do i need to put the layout file for a static page ?
I would like to get public/about/index.html from content/about/ like specified in the docs of hugo.
But that does not work.
Where am I wrong?

That’s a list page so is therefore going to pull from a list template. What does your current layout source organization look like?


Which is the best solution to group static pages together?
And how to make layouts for those pages?
I am a little bit confused at this level.
I am sure that the answer is quite simple.

Thanks in advance.

So content/about/ is a list page. Specifically, it is the list page for a section:

So, you can make a layout at layouts/section/about.html will be the most specific in terms of Hugo’s template lookup order.

This depends on what you want your URL structure to be. If you want these to all be at the root of your site (e.g.,, you can change the permalink settings in your config file:

These can then render according to a single template. Here is the lookup order for single templates: