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im creating content/dir1/ and layouts/dir1/single.html . when i m type — base / dir1 / – dir1 is showing this is ok But.

When im creating content/dir1/dir2/ and layouts/dir1/dir2/single.html . when i m type — base / dir1 / dir2 / is still showing inside dir1 single template.

I did not pass this problem. how can I show the file under two or three folders in their single.html file.

Watch the video series from Mike Dane:

He explains this in depth. Funny enough that you use the same content names like him in his videos…

@Leo_Merkel Thank you for answer to me.

i already watch Mike’s all videos about Hugo. Mike just goes down to a folder depth at this video (dir1) (Section Templates | Hugo - Static Site Generator | Tutorial 15

I want to go deeper into more folders. He is going down deep into only one folder in this video. Already a folder deep in this event is running.

There is currently no support for a nested /layouts structure. You will be assigned the layout for the root section/type – or you can set a layout explicitly in front matter.

I wrote something about this: My experiences with Hugo's template lookup order

Thank you very much for sharing this information with me.
That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again and again for understanding me.

@Leo_Merkel My experiences with Hugo's template lookup order

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Always welcome. One day we all started…

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