Hugo is only generating a single html file and ignores all subfolders of /content/

Hello, my second noob question today! Quite a learning curve…

So, my website is done, I have nothing more to change and I simply want to get my finished HTML files.

In my /content/ dir is an, my homepage. I have three subdirectories; /content/about/, /content/page1 and /content/static

All of these subdirectories contain an respectively.

When trying the site locally via hugo server everything works absolutely fine. Looks like it should, behaves like it should, all dandy. I can navigate all the individual pages via the header menu just fine.

However, when building using just Hugo things stop working all together. The process finishes without any errors and I get my index.html, which looks exactly like it should, however this is the only one of my .md files that actually gets converted. My /content/static folder gets copied to /public/, however my /about/ and /page1/ folders and their files just… don’t exist in /public/.

I’ve been biting my teeth out on this problem for a good 2 hours now, and I really can’t piece together where I’m wrong.

Sections, including the home page, should have files instead of files.


├── posts/
│   ├── post-1/
│   │   ├── a.jpg
│   │   ├── b.jpg
│   │   └──  <-- indicates leaf bundle  
│   ├──    <-- indicates branch bundle / section
│   ├──
│   └──
└──   <-- home  page
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… I feel really stupid. It works now, very thankful for your quick help!

Maybe it’s time for a break and some sleep, I don’t think I’m functioning correctly anymore.

You’re not. It’s a subtle distinction.