Clone the Next theme from Hexo engine & hope it can be include to official list

NexT is a simple and animated theme. I port it from Hexo to Hugo and used in my blog site. Thanks for xtfly, I had cloned his NetxT theme and modify by my own custom style like this:

Online Preview:
Hugo Next Theme:

Hope someone will like it and use it by yourself. You can give any feedback.
Also found there not include this theme in official list , so hope it can be.

Thanks All.

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Haha, seems that guys don’t like this theme, there nobody reply it . :joy: :joy: :joy:

Is there no body maintain the hugo theme repository, right? The issues no any update, hahaha.

I think you must submit your theme to the Hugo Theme Repository… See instruction on GitHub.

Not submit the repository action support by official tips, and there through open issue to submit your theme info. But after I submit the issue nobody to maintain it. So I think the hugo theme repository is not hot at now.

A repository can never be hot.

In any case you have submitted your theme for review at: Theme submission: Hugo NexT · Issue #974 · gohugoio/hugoThemes · GitHub

I suppose that at some point the maintainer will look into your submission.

We cannot really do anything about it in this forum.

Also the Showcase is meant for functional web applications, not themes.

Thank you for your reply.

In my opinion, I thought the open source community needed to be active in order to be viable, but obviously I was wrong.

OK, I will wait the maintainer repose, hahaha.

The maintainer is a volunteer who is also a busy person.

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Yeah, I agree this point. But still hope that he can backup a few time to do this job, I see there had a lot of theme submit over 1mth ago.

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