Change the link color in reader theme

Hey there, I’m super happy with the reader theme I’m using but I have some troubles with the colors of the links in the body.
The body text color is #55555 and the links are colored in #333333 - so that is veeeery similar to each other. The hover color of the links is fine, but I want them in a different color in the body, so you can actually sport them.

I searched all over but couldn’t find anything to change it.

Help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

The theme author might know more about that. In any case, changing the CSS should do the trick.

That’s true. It’s a theme from Hugo themselves and I don’t know who’s the author.

And if there was only one CSS, it would be easier, the theme is (at least from my pov) kind of complex :sweat_smile:

The Hugo project has not authored any themes, with the exception of the theme for

Assuming there isn’t a name collision, the Reader theme is a commercial ($) theme:

Please raise your issue there.

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oh, I didn’t realize that I was in the wrong support forum. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: