CSS Question on Theme: How does the text change color?

I’m using a theme called Geeky-Hugo where the demo site can be seen here:

The github is here but I don’t think it’s necessary for this question:

Geeky-Hugo Github

Question is: On the homepage , when you hover over any of category names, or any of the post titles, the color fades from dark to green. I have tried and tried the devtool inspector and I cannot figure out what styles are making that fade happen. Can anyone help? I want to know so I can recreate it for in-content links or change the behavior of the fade.

This is the code

.header .navbar-nav .nav-link:hover {
    background-image: initial;
    background-color: rgb(56, 123, 106);
    color: rgb(231, 230, 228);

If you are using a Chromium based browser, select a menu item, right click on it and select “Inspect”. Right click on the code of the menu item from the sidebar that pops up and select “force state” to hover. It will show you the code.

Fantastic. I guess that extra trick of forcing the state to hover was what I was missing. Thank you for that!

So it looks like it gets the color from there and then lower down the ladder elements have a transition of 0.2s which I take to mean that any change that is happening to this element takes 0.2s to take effect.

Thank ye greatly!