Change only link color


Pretty new to Hugo so I apologize in advance if this is a repeat. I’m able to customize all the colors on my site that I like, except I can’t seem to change the default link color. I’m using @zwbetz’s Vanilla theme. I didn’t see any variables for the link color so I didn’t know what variable to change. The default link color seems to be #007BFF (btw it’s a great theme!)


Did you overwrite the css style for tag a ?

a {color:#0645ad;text-decoration:none}

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Hi @applesauce. If you want to change the nav link color, edit


If you want to change regular ole links, you can edit that same file, then add something like this to the top

a:hover {
  color: green;
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thanks both of these solutions worked! I didn’t think to look for the tag a