Can I build Hugo without all the cloud support?

I’m sure hugo deploy is great for people who use the supported cloud services, but I am a bit miffed by all the dependencies they pull in. I wonder if we could have a build tag, e.g. go install --tags nocloud to compile Hugo without all the cloud stuff I don’t need, and quite frankly don’t trust.

For some more context, I’ve been bitten by Microsoft Azure’s poor portability breaking my builds on SmartOS (Solaris), and what’s worse it took them over a year to merge the changes handed to them on a silver platter by another unpaid contributor. Fortunately bep quickly merged my pull request to disable Azure on Solaris, but I am still annoyed at the amount of my time wasted tracking down the bug caused by Microsoft, a company I am not exactly fond of to begin with.

Yes, that we could/should do. I don’t like the nocloud tag name, how about nodeploy?

Could you raise an issue on GitHub?

Done, and thanks!

Do you want me to take a stab at it and submit a pull request?

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Please do but also remember that we have both a package deploy and a command. I guess that will be obvious when you compile this.