New build, old repo

I’m a little out of my depth with Hugo - not a native developer, just an ignorant dude playing with sharp objects :slight_smile: On a previous machine I managed to get Hugo set up, hooked up to a repo and my site presenting decently enough ( gvnshtn/

Then I moved over to a new machine, got vsCode hooked up to the repo, but (1) I didn’t take any notes about how I set up the site initially (should be relatively vanilla based on the docs), but also (2) I can’t see from the docs how to configure Hugo just by connecting to the existing files locally.

I’m assuming it’s beyond simple, looking through the docs but if anyone could nudge me in the right direction I’d be super appreciative.


Have you cloned the git repo to your new computer?

If so you only need to install Hugo on the new computer and you are done.

The repo above is set to private, so we can not see it by the way.