Deploying Hugo on Azure with CI/CD

Hi all :slightly_smiling:

I just wrote an article as I’ve moved my small Hugo blog from AWS (S3 + CloudFront) to Azure (Web App + CDN + VSTS), I think this could interest some of you:

Once this is setup, you just have to commit to your repository (Github in my case) and the VSTS will build your website, push to Azure and flush the CDN

It costs nothing for small blog like mine (Like a few cents per month) and I think this should be quite scalable (As you will normally almost never hit the “Free” web app as everything should be cached in the CDN, and even if you hit it, those are just static files)

Le met know if you have any suggestion :slightly_smiling:

Thank you !


I just published a VSTS Extension to simplify the process of getting and running Hugo.