Can we combine GraphQL and Hugo?

I have developed quite a lot of websites with Hugo. The problem I’ve figured out is that I we can’t develop reliable mobile apps with just Hugo static site. I’ve been working with GraphQL (GraphCMS and and other static generators including Middleman, Gatsby and Spike. I still find Hugo to be a lot better and easier as it has nice features, community and reliability.

Is there any possibility that we can somehow implement GraphQL or Firebase database with Hugo?


any news about this feature?


It’s been a while that I have used Hugo. For this problem, I think there’s a potential workaround that can be considered while finding a solution. If you can build your own generator that converts GraphQL files from the server to markdown && save them directly in the Hugo /content directory, it can be automated and work almost flawlessly!


I’ll try it!!


Can you please explain it. How to achieve the same.

So what about the status of your workaround? Appreciate any info you would like to share.:smiley:

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Hi, @InderdeepBajwa
Did you find any solutions to perform this integration?
I’m trying to connect a site created with hugo, that gets some data from FaunaDB. Using GraphQL would be the key.

No you cannot combine Hugo with a database in a native way.

Also this topic is ancient and it needs to rest in peace.