Any recommendations for a small shop that knows/understands musicians and their web design needs?

My Tom Waits tribute band, Bleeding Romeos (, is looking to move away from Squarespace. We’re thinking of hosting our site ourselves using Hugo. While I’m comfortable managing a Hugo site, creating themes is a bit out of my wheelhouse.

Our immediate need is for someone to help us capture the essence of our Squarespace site. It doesn’t need to be an exact replica, but getting close would be fantastic.

Some key features we’d love to have are:

  1. Shortcodes for locally hosted MP3s
  2. Shortcodes for YouTube videos
  3. A “post” type for performance dates, showing upcoming gigs and past shows (going back 12 months)

Medium/long-term needs would be for helping me revamp my personal site ( to be a bit more modern, and some new websites for more commercial ventures (a wedding/event band, specifically). I’d love any recommendations or introductions!


Thank you for posting the project.

With 7+ years of static site development experience using Hugo and Jekyll, I can provide you Hugo development services for , and other websites.

Let us connect

I have reviewed and can provide a quotation for its Hugo migration.
Let us connect over chat / email to discuss more about the project.
You can connect with me using any of the following:

Work experience for music group websites

I excel in creating multilingual Hugo websites.
One of my latest Hugo site created for a music group is :

Please feel free to ask any questions.
I look forward to your response.

Thank you
Akash Kumar Sharma
Delhi, Bharat

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