Finding Hugo-savvy web design services


I’m new to Hugo - and, indeed, to static site generators in general. I like what I’ve read about Hugo so far, and as I’m looking to work in Markdown, this seems like it may be a very good option for me.

However, as I’m running a small business and don’t have the time to learn new tech stuff, I’d want to use a platform that plenty of web design services are familiar with. I tried doing a Google search for Hugo and “web design services” (as well as several other similar searches), but that mainly came up with people called Hugo!

So, my question: how does one find Hugo-savvy web designers online?

If such a thing doesn’t already exist, I think a directory of web design services who regularly use Hugo would be a very helpful thing for businesses interested in deploying Hugo-based websites; making that prominent on the front page of the site would further emphasize that Hugo is business-ready, rather than some fringe thing for hobbyists only (which it clearly isn’t).

Any help much appreciated!

Thanks, and best wishes,


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I think you should just dive in an DO IT!

I last did web development back in 2002. Now we have markdown, and templates, and Hugo. So a few keystrokes of markdown can do a lot of magic…

folks here are super helpful, and do not worry!

I think you will spend at least as much time explaining what you want to someone else vs doing it yourself. So just do it!

Content is the problem. How to fill the page. Formatting, headers, footers are easy. The rest depends on YOU.

Hey Nikhil,

Interestingly, I was thinking the same myself.

@RobertCvn is right that it’s great to dive in and build but I do understand that sometimes, if you get too bogged town in something that isn’t your speciality, you can find yourself losing time that might be better spent where your true talents lie.

The first place to look initially might be the HUGO themes page as there are lots of skilled designers and developers there but I agree, it would be useful to have a dedicated directory. Food for thought!


Hey, @NikhilN - I run a site devoted to static site generators. We’re working on a job board that should be up soon. There we intend to have developers and designers post their profiles as well as for site owners to post specific opportunities.