Just remade two websites with Hugo, what a difference!


I built the docs.musicsdp site using the documentation theme. it was a breeze and has been really easy to expand on.

I built the main musicsdp site from scratch, even making my own theme, partials, and shortcodes. Learning to use Hugo has been a fairly easy process, and I’ve really enjoyed rebuilding these sites with them.

They were originally WordPress sites. They took forever to load, the styling was inconsistent, and it just wasn’t worth it. Now they load in a heartbeat, the styling feels much cleaner now that I have full control over it, and I’m through the roof.

Working with Hugo has been a real joy. I can’t thank the development team enough!

Also, any comments about improvements to the sites, particularly the main musicsdp.com, would be really helpful!


Your sites look nice.

My one critique is no https. Perhaps look into a new web host – many these days provides a free TLS cert from Let’s Encrypt. Plus it’ll help your SEO.


Definitely. I kept it on the original host to minimize downtime with the transition. I plan on hosting it on either github pages, aws, or netlify in the long-run

Glad you like Hugo :smiley:

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I really do. It’s way more fun than the WordPress work I’ve done.