Adding links in post for series of pages

I’m generally finding hugo easier to deal with than Pelican, once I started understanding things. I didn’t find any way to replicate my series links at the bottom of a post. So I dove into learning templating and documented the solution.

Hopefully this is helpful for someone wanting to do the same. It seems like this is an obtuse way of doing it, but it does work.

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Thank you for sharing.

Good stuff, @sacherjj Did you consider treating “Series” as a taxonomy? I only ask in the event that you sometimes create article content that applies to more than one series…

I’m still working my head around taxonomies and how they work within a site organization. I will occasionally work on a cleaner way, as I finish up my 65 more posts in this series.

I’m not really sure how I would make the links if I belonged to multiple series taxonomies. That seems to be the advantage. Would have have two of these link blocks at the bottom and let the user choose? It might be a way of making a web site choose your own adventure.

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Now that I’m creating another series and looking at how to integrate with the sidebar, it looks like there are advantages with using taxonomies for series. So time for me to dive into learning more of hugo.

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Finally got everything working.

Here is a page about the original non-taxonomy style that I posted above.

And a page I just put up on converting to using taxonomies.

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Man, you have to remember to {{- and -}} to suppress the newlines. Especially when you are looping as much as I am in this template. I just updated my big looper.

I was creating 1200+ new lines in my source!

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