"In-page" pagination?

Hey folks, if I’ve got a long blog post and I want to paginate the post (as opposed to the lists of posts/taxinomies/etc), is there a way to do that in Hugo?

The post I’m currently writing is running to close to 1000 words, and it would be good if I could have it under the same URL but in 500-word(ish!) chunks as “sub-pages”.

Is this possible?

You can set the URL for content manually, so break it up across pieces of content. If you need to link them, use something like a taxonomy (“series”) and relate them.

As per the Pagination doc:

Hugo supports pagination for your homepage, section pages, and taxonomies.

So no can do on “regular pages”. But you could create a series taxonomy or turn that blog post into a section blog/that-blog-post/_index.md

OK, thanks folks.