Archetypes or taxonomies for series of posts


I tend to write several posts about a certain topic and was wondering, what’s the best way to handle a series of blog posts about a certain topic?

I’d like to have links to the next and previous posts generated automatically as well as an index page with links to all the posts.

What’s the best way to have Hugo to do the grunt work? Are there any examples you would recommend checking out?


I had the same issue, and opted for using Sections.

Each section page shows a list of posts that belong in the same section:

{{ range (.Paginate .Data.Pages 9).Pages }}
	{{ .Render "summary" }}
{{ end }}

Generate 12 chapters/posts of dummy text. Try organizing it as a section, and then try using taxonomies (or be legend and do both). You’ll figure out what you like, one way or another. :slight_smile:

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