Can This Be Paginated?

Hello all,

I created a taxonomy for series and am listing them using a series.terms.html template.

I am using the method for Listing All Content In a Given Taxonomy (found in the Displaying Taxonomies section of the Hugo documentation) and it works fine. I get a list of each series by name and the posts associated with it.

However, I could see this list getting quite long, as I intend to create many series. Can a taxonomy list like this be paginated? If so, I’m just not figuring out how to set up the paginator for it.

Thanks, much!


Yes it can, have you looked in the paginator documentation? There should also bee examples floating around (look at the themes).

Hiya. Naturally, the documentation was the very first place I went. If the answer regarding the specific thing I’m trying to do was there, I didn’t find it. Paginating over a specific tag or other taxonomy is evident, but that’s not what I need to do.

I’ll poke around some themes, thanks for the suggestion.

I reread your question, and the .Site.Taxonomies.featured example isn’t currently possible to paginate, not in a simple way, anyhow. It should, but I don’t think it is, please prove me wrong.

Could you open up GitHub issue?

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