ZooBerry, my mod-hosting website made with Hugo

I made a mod-hosting website using Hugo last summer for a couple of old sim games called Zoo Tycoon 1 and 2. Its purpose is to archive mods from old forums I used to run as a chronically-online teen back in the day. Just thought it would make a cool portfolio piece while I’m in uni :slight_smile:


  • Theme design by me (color swatches I picked are an expanded version of Nord)
  • GalleriaJS for the image carousals on each mod page

Learning resources that helped:

  • Build Websites with Hugo by Brian P. Hogan, which was great as it not only taught me Hugo but I learned how to implement a client-side search index using the following scripts:
  • Giraffe Academy on Youtube

Other tech used:

  • Cloudflare Pages to serve my HTML/CSS/JS objects
  • BunnyCDN for mod file and image delivery
  • Discourse for the forum component (ported my theme over to Discourse as well)

It’s my first try at a Hugo website and still lots of things that could be improved since I’m a total beginner at web design, but I’m still actively working on it!