Anyone wants to share there microservices that's being used in their Hugo website?

I’m will be creating few services for my hugo blog and going to share it with community so that it can be used as or sort of hugo addons.
Is there anyone who is willing for this?

I am interested! A bit late I guess but still.

I especially would be interested to learn how to develop those microservices and then include them with hugo

Like this?

Pretty good! Good work

I would be interested in a more DIY approach, how to construct the chat room for example and link it to hugo with spa (which is how it is done if I understood properly). There are few guides covering parts of that projects, I’ll see if I can go somewhere with it.

How about this:

yes but with a homemade crisp and a tutorial on how to do it. I am going to try to build that but it probably is going to take a while.
But the implementation would be relatively similar.