Galaxies of Eden website

Hi all!

We just launched our website: , entirely built through Hugo and wanted to share it here.

There is still lots of work that needs to be done on the website but we basically fell in love with Hugo and entire Jamstack methodology.

This is a website for a MMORPG, hence we will need bunch of forms/dynamic website features and this is the methodology we utilized along with Hugo:

  1. Static website is generated via Hugo and directly hosted on the CDN.
  2. GoLang based form API end-points are hosted on our back-end servers.
  3. Forms will be automatically disabled via health-checks sent to API end-points in case API is inaccessible. This will ensure that visitors are not wasting their time spamming an end-point for access when they are simply inaccessible, yet entire website will be online at all times barring huge DDOS incidents on the CDN-side.

We believe this is a great way to build a game website, static website hosted on CDN should provide much needed up-time and security for such gaming sites, whereas visitors can easily access to dynamic website features through our API end-points with minimal downtime.

We had a great time with Hugo and will continue using it pretty much everywhere now. Let us know what you think!

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