Index.html doesn't seem to be updating

I am getting familiar with Hugo and trying to write a Lambda function to execute Hugo. That’s going okay, but I’m caught up with some problems with Hugo itself. When I run Hugo locally to better understand it, I’m noticing the index.html page doesn’t necessarily refresh when I add posts. Here are the steps I’m taking.

  1. Generate site
  2. Create new post using hugo new hugo-on-lambda command
  3. Change draft: true to false in new post
  4. Generate content using hugo command
  5. View public/index.html file
    The index.html file doesn’t seem to change much or at all after this process. What can I look into?

Share your site code. We need to see your templates to see what’s going on

Thank you for the fast response. Here’s a repository I setup with the code, both public and “backend”.

Your content has no file extension. Add a .md to each post

FYI you can add the extension when you create a new post, e.g.

hugo new posts/