Windows hugo does not build a lot of pages

After a destructive cyclone last Sunday I am back online with an issue where Hugo does not generate a lot of pages on my Windows machine. On Linux I get 8154 pages vs Windows 666 pages without any warning or error messages.

For example, in /content/destinations only india is build to some extend while the others are skipped though they have just a single page and should therefore not have any issues.

I did add a lot more folders to the destinations/india/states folders (i.e. all the hotels and excursions). I wonder whether I exceeded the windows path length anywhere as a possible cause (in the past I did get a warning for that).

I did give the “hugo mod clean” command

My repo is the hotfix branch of

Hugo version
Ubuntu: hugo v0.83.1-5AFE0A57+extended linux/amd64
Windows 7: v0.82.0-9D960784+extended windows/amd64

Surely a sign of the impeding Apocalypse! :smiling_imp:

Hm… I wonder what @bep has to say about this.

Yes, in lots of places. I download your repository as a zip file, then received multiple warnings when unzipping. For example:


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