Hugo build gets killed due to "out of memory"

Hello Community
I am trying to build a site with 1mln+ pages, durning the build, Hugo dies, due to “out of memory” error.

Is there a way to fix / work around this? Maybe some incremental builds, or some other solution?

I really like the idea of SSG sites, Wordpress would most likely die, or require some serious server to work, static files seemed as the way to go, just cant build it :frowning:

Would appreciate any suggestions to solve this issue. Thank You

PS content source are markdown files in /content dir

Currently no. I do have a branch that I plan to soonish get merged into the main branch which should “solve” (or much improve) this situation. I even created this repo to test it out …:

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Is there any way I can test it somehow? I run Hugo on windows using its binary…
Im not too good with building stuff from source :slight_smile:

No, and that’s because the part that will improve your situation the most is not implemented (but that is the simpler part of all of this.)

OK, thanks for the answer. Hopefully, it will get implemented/merged at some point.

Hi, just a wild idea: maybe you could split your content into multiple repos that hugo can build separately, then mount the public dirs of the already built modules into the static folder of an umbrella project?
Something similar is discussed here: Use modules to share content folder between sites

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